Going to the end of private driving era

In Singapore, as the teaching license for private driving instructors are no longer issued by the Traffic Police since umpteen years ago, the supply of private driving instructors in Singapore is actually very limited. Moreover, as they are all relatively old and going into retirement soon, the number is actually shrinking rapidly. Soon, there will be no more private driving instructors on the roads and the driving centres will monopolise the driving coaching scene in Singapore.

So for those people who wish to engage a private driving instructor, do it fast. You will not be able to know when will they retire. Private driving instructors are prized because of their focus on students. As 1 Singapore driving instructor is attached to 1 student, the attention to the student is more as compared to school driving instructors who regularly switches around the students. They can have 5 to 6 different school instructors teaching the students throughout the entire program.

Additionally, when you take lessons from a Singapore private driving instructor, you would also be able to make use of the exact same car for your eventual driving examination in Singapore instead of using a different car if you were to opt to learn from school driving instructors instead.

Next, learning from private driving instructors are also much more affordable. With each lesson priced below $50-55 compared to $70 or more in schools, it is a ridiculous option to learn driving from school. This is not about your budget. If you learn from public driving schools in Singapore, you pay much more to get a much lower quality – waste of money. Just learn from private driving instructors instead who have much more experience (an average public driving instructor only has less than 2 to 5 years of experience while a private driving instructor in Singapore has over 22 to 25 years of solid teaching experience!!!! How can you compare them? You’re basically comparing an industry veteran to an amateur.)


Budgets and rates for driving lessons

In Singapore, depending on which route you take to learn your driving (school driving sessions or private driving sessions), the budgets and rates will vary accordingly. Generally, it will be much cheaper to engage a Singapore private driving instructor to learn your driving, PROVIDED THAT you pass your TP practical exam on your first or second try. Failing the TP practical exam will set you back about 500 to 800 dollars to take additional lessons and paying for your TP test again.

Prices for lessons from private driving instructors

The general rates for private driving instructors in Singapore are at $30 or $32 for non peak and peak periods respectively when it comes to students wanting to learn manual transmission car driving, and it is usually $32 or $34 for non peak and peak periods for auto transmission car driving lessons. Each driving lesson normally takes 1.5 hours. However, for some popular instructors, they give 1 hour time slots as their schedule is already very packed. As students typically take between 15 to 25 lessons to pass the their traffic police Singapore driving test, the budget for private driving will be approximately between $900 to about $1.5 thousand dollars (in Singapore dollars).

Prices for school driving instructors

The rates for school driving instructors are at about $65 to $75 for 100 mins of driving. Clearly, it is much more expensive. To add on, it is compulsory to take at least 25 lessons before booking the TP test. This is a ridiculous standard set by unethical driving schools in Singapore because not every student will need that many lessons to go for driving. Too regimental and completely useless. Thus, for school learners, budget will be about $2 thousand dollars for school driving.

I would highly recommend that you learn from private driving instructors instead if you are planning to take your driving lessons and eventually your driving license in Singapore (the best part about a Singapore driving license even for expatriates or children of expatriates or foreigners is that a Singapore driving license is an international one and will be able to be converted back to that of your home country’s. This saves you time and money even when you are in Singapore). This is a really great benefit to drivers in my opinion.


What Is The Procedure For Singapore Driving Test?

If you are taking your driving test Singapore soon, then perhaps you are getting the feeling of butterflies in your stomach or sweaty hands as a result of nervousness. However, there is nothing to worry about for your driving test. Here are the procedures that will happen during your examination.

– You will need to drive around the circuit at either the Bukit Batok Driving Centre, Woodland’s Singapore Safety Driving Centre or Ubi’s ComfortDelgro Driving Centre.

– Next, you will be tested on parking skills (perpendicular or parallel or both depends on which ones the driving tester wants to test you on). This is an essential driving skill, so please remember what your private driving instructor has taught you during driving lessons because you are going to constantly need this skill even well after you have gotten your Singapore driving license.

– You will also be tested on your emergency brake skills where the driving tester will slam his hand on the car dashboard. Once the driving tester hits the car dashboard, you are required to immediately slam your feet hard and stay there on the brake pedal of the car you are driving. This is to simulate a real emergency braking situation.

– After the driving tester has finished testing you on most of the driving school elements (at least the major ones such as the above mentioned and driving off a slope for manual transmission car drivers), he or she will then bring you along the outside roads to test your driving skills on normal roads.

– This part of driving on the real roads is usually a breeze to students who learn from private driving instructors as that is where you have been driving throughout most of the driving lessons that you take.

Alright, so the above mentioned is the procedure that most driving tests held in Singapore will go in sequence. Hopefully you are more prepared for your driving test sequence just in case your private driving instructor did not tell you how it will go.


Finding A Good Driving Instructor To Pass TP Test

When you find a great private driving instructor, you will find it much easier to pass your driving examination in Singapore. This is because you need and must learn all the necessary tips – especially safety instructions as well as things that the tester will look out for during your normal private driving lessons.

It is crucial that you find an awesome private driving instructor who is competent (all of them are experienced in Singapore with over 20 years of experience) because who you learn from can determine whether you are capable of achieving a passing mark for your first driving test attempt in Singapore.

You can find a good private driving instructor through Sglearntodrive – http://sglearntodrive.com/.

But nonetheless, here are some tips by HBYESF to help you pass your driving test Singapore easier.

– Always signal. Some students will panic and get nervous when the tester asks him or her to filter lanes. The students who are taking the driving test then horribly forgets to signal before turning or filtering lanes, resulting in penalty points for the student (you).

– When you filter lanes, make sure to do it smoothly and gradually by making the decision to do it earlier. Never ever swerve when it comes to filtering lanes or you would definitely get penalty points for your driving during your test.

– You want to exaggerate your head turning motions when checking for blind spots, the driving tester cannot see your eyes flicker around. This is a super simple tip but not many private driving instructors in Singapore tell their students about this.

– If you are a school student, request for more outside road lessons. If you are a private student, look more for circuit driving lessons. This is because private driving students usually fail at some circuit elements while public school students usually fail on the main roads.

The Singapore driving test is a very easy one to pass – most students only fail because they lack confidence and that results in silly mistakes which they would otherwise not make.


Go with your feeling

Just like with riding a bicycle, I would encourage you to go with your feelings and learn. Becoming proficient at driving is about accumulating driving experience and feeling. With sufficient practice, you will be able to know and feel the correct way of driving. You will feel and know the right amount of accelerator pedal to step on when accelerating, the right amount of brake pedal to step on when braking (both gradually and suddenly), the right amount of wheel to turn when making a turn. Most of these are intuitive and comes naturally after you become a good driver. However, initially your private driving instructor may give you very technical instructions on how to accomplish all the above mentioned driving maneuvers as well as the exact number of turns for your steering wheel when you are performing a U turn or parallel parking.

You will also need to be comfortable learning from your private driving instructor. There is no point learning from a private driving instructor you are not comfortable with, for any reasons. Switch driving instructors and get another one who is capable of making you feel at ease and feel confident about driving. Take your driving lessons Singapore with your desired driving instructor. Having a good mentor is half the battle won. You do not have to worry if the stuffs he teach is not correct or that he withheld some driving tips from you if you know he is a reliable and trustworthy driving instructor.

The best private driving instructors in Singapore will definitely cater his teaching style so that it best suits you. This is because different students learn differently and best absorb knowledge differently. Some of them prefer more instructional approach while other students learn best when given more freedom when it comes to learning how to drive.

One thing you might want to note though is that such popular and competent private driving instructors whom you can find teaching in Singapore are usually very busy. So if you want the best, you need to take note that they are usually quite busy. With that said, all the best for your driving lessons!


Tips to help you ace that driving test

Are you going for your driving test in Singapore soon? Alright, make sure to always keep calm and absorb all of the below mentioned driving tips to help you achieve a great score and pass your Singapore driving test with flying colours! Your driving license in Singapore is not too far away (each exam usually takes less than 30 minutes)!

1. You need to stay calm. The most stupid thing to do on a driving test is to get overly nervous and screw things up. You will need to control your emotions and stay calm. Keep your attention on the roads and perform as well as you do during your practice singapore driving lessons.

2. Next of all, you want to signal early always. Do make sure to not let the driving tester deduct unnecessary points from you by not signalling before you make turns.

3. Be gentle on the brakes. Do not let the tester feel uncomfortable riding in your car. Hard and sudden braking is one of the biggest yet common mistakes driving students make when taking their test in Singapore. You want to let the driving tester feel that you are a proficient driver who can control you steering wheel and pedals well, on top of maintaining your attention on the roads.

4. When you step on the accelerator pedal, step on it and depress it strongly and steadily. You do not want to tap on it as that will easily cause the car you are driving during the Singapore test to keep jerking.

5. Always look at your rear and side view mirrors by turning your head physically. This is because no driving tester in Singapore can see your eyes flickering around in your eye socket – give the tester the assurance that you are checking your mirrors and your blind spots constantly.

6. Always be confident. Just drive as though you have already gotten your driving license in Singapore. That way, the tester can feel your confidence and reward you with a big pass!!!!

With these tips, all the best for your driving test! Do not let your private driving instructor down!


Taking Your Driving Test In Singapore

Taking the Singapore driving test is no more daunting and difficult than taking it anywhere else in the world.

Although Singapore gives off a strict feeling for its driver’s license, truth is, you just need to follow simple safe driving rules and get it done.

– First of all, you do not want to drive too much above or below a depicted road legal speed limit (this is seldom taught). Most driving instructors in Singapore only tell their students to never drive above the legal road speed limit which is correct, but one should not drive too far below the speed limit also because that is otherwise known as road hogging.

– Next, you need to make sure you always signal before you turn your head to check your blindspot for turning. If you turn your head, then signal, chances are there could be a car that suddenly appears from your blind spot. By that time it would be too late to drive safely and so you might unfortunately hit somebody who just suddenly appeared in your blind spot areas. This is unfortunately the case with motorcylists in Singapore because they always seem to drive dangerously.

– Although you may not be tested on all the driving circuit elements during your actual driving test in Singapore, you should master all of them within whether you like it or not. This is because the driving tester in Singapore has the right to test you on any or all of the driving elements within the driving school circuit. Some of the main problem elements which students have are the parallel parking and curvy roads part. The curvy roads part is tricky because it feels very easy and some students get over confident and try to preempt the turns, and this resulted in many students mounting the kerb and failing their eventual Singapore driving test.

If you are interested, you can find out more about driving licenses in Singapore.


Getting A Driving License

If you are looking to get a Singapore driving license, then the following driving tips will help you a lot to increase the chances of getting your driving license quicker as well as increase the probability of you passing the driving test on your very first attempt.

In Singapore, there are 2 ways you get your driver’s license, or rather, taking your driving lessons.

a) The first alternative is that you enroll in a school and take lessons from many different instructors (depending on when they have a free time slot) and they will then teach you according to a fixed curriculum. See them as like school teachers in public schools.

b) The second one, which is the more popular one, is that you enroll with a private driving instructor, and then he or she will stick with you until you take the examination. Learning is more customized and much cheaper. See them as private tutors.

I would say that both are equally good in terms of their curriculum, but there is a big advantage when it comes to private driving instructors if you want to learn to drive in Singapore. Their lessons are much cheaper and so you can even take more driving lessons before going for your driving test and still pay less than if you were to go along with the Singapore public schools. That is so highly regulated and they charge exorbitant prices which are unnecessarily high.

Another main advantage with Singapore’s private driving instructors is that they have many more years of teaching experience in Singapore. This is because the last batch of private driving instructors who got their license to teach driving in Singapore was back in the 1980s, and this means that they all have a very long and good track record of teaching students how to navigate and drive around on Singapore roads!